A Pride for the community

Vegas Pride focuses on LOVE and UNITY.
Our mission is to create a positive environment that promotes self value and EQUALITY... not just within our city but individually amongst our peers in our COMMUNITY. Promote LOVE. Everyone is welcome to get INVOLVED!

  • Vegas
  • With Heart
  • Love

Vegas Worthy Entertainment

We're Vegas! Vegas Pride's entertainers do our amazing city justice. Major recording artists, cirque style performances and incredible music we can all relate to.

The Vegas Pride Experience

We've teamed up with some of the best production companies, party planners and promoters to provide you with an experience worthy of Las Vegas. We will put our city back on the gay pride map!

Everyone is welcome

No matter what letter in the alphabet you may identify with or what color of our rainbow you may be. Vegas Pride has been created for everyone! We are all in this together and need to support each other.

Vegas Pride is TRANSPARENT

We are committed to being an open source Pride. Meaning everything discussed is public, recorded, and broadcast for the world to see. The future is here, we need to embrace it! We need accountability!

  • Our Reach

    Vegas Pride has the capabilities of marketing our Pride to the world. Reaching beyond Las Vegas and bringing the entire community to celebrate our beautiful city!

  • Technology Strong

    Vegas Pride is connected with technology. The experience we provide will take our city into the future.

  • We reinvest into the Community

    Vegas Pride has no paid board members, we reinvest all money raised back into the community.

  • Official Nightlife

    We don't require money from nightclubs and bars to determine who has more Pride. After the festival you're free to celebrate wherever you want.

  • Equality

    We are a community. We all celebrate together. There will not be separate pride events for different groups of people. In today's day and age we support unity, not separation.

  • Pride

    Vegas Pride will be a voice for our community that will be heard all over the world.

Be the change you want to see in the community

This is your chance to be a part of something BIG!